Sponsor for PolyFinTech100 API Hackathon 2019

The Token Economy Association (TEA SG) is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the PolyFinTech100 API Hackathon 2019, jointly with our strategic partner Tribe Accelerator (TRIBE).

The objective of this hackathon is to nurture FinTech talent to meet the rapidly changing needs of the financial services sector. Students from the 5 local polytechnics are invited to develop Fintech prototypes using Open Technologies from the industry to address real world problem statements, such as more efficient GST refunds for tourists, AI-based e-payment service for hawker centres, peer-to-peer micro-lending platform for students, etc. Finalist will get a chance to showcase their ideas at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2019.

As our inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, together with TRIBE, we will host the blockchain category of the hackathon with the following problem statements:

  1. Faster payments settlement: Leverage on blockchain to make payments especially settlement faster, and hence encouraging wider adoption by merchants in our cashless society journey
  2. Integrated Supply Chain: Create a Spare Part Supply Chain ecosystem leveraging blockchain technology and token economy to digitize and optimize the supply chain business processes, from asset transfers, financing to items tracking.
  3. Enhancing Food Safety: Leverage on blockchain and/or IOT to improve traceability and transparency of food, from farm to table.

Workshops and training sessions will be held in April 2019, before the roadshow & hackathon in July. Finals will be held in mid November, during the Singapore FinTech Festivals 2019.

For more information, pls visit the Hackathon webiste