2019 Global Blockchain Leader List

Year 2019 – GBHB is excited to have brought in DRAPER DRAGON Richard Wang(China)、TokenInsight(China)、Korea M&A Center (Korea)、OBITO.IO(Taiwan)、BLOCKTEMPO(Taiwan)、AsiaTokenFund-ATF(Southeast Asia)as the election committee;  Token Economy Association、QUEST CRPITAL、PAX Economy TV、TEK&LAW、Chinese Society of Technology Economics-Blockchain Committee、Great Wall Commune、Block Monster Lab、Korea Blockchain Startup Association are formed as co-organizers; Top media such as jinsecaijing、huoxingcaijing、chainnews、walianwang、xingkongcaijing、shiliancaijing、bikuaibao、lianguantianxia、beimeicaijing are invited as targeted media; all parties will jointly launch the first “2019 Global Blockchain Leader List” in April 2019.

We have been evaluating the candidates from 2 dimensions, “industry influence” and “industry contribution”which were unanimously approved by the global panel of judges, hereby present to all “TOP20 global investment institutions”, “TOP25 global industry experts”, “TOP11 global exchanges” and “TOP51 global star projects” from China, China (Taiwan), South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam. The goal is to lead the development and implementation of the global blockchain industry.

To promote knowledge in the industry, GBHB has invited BlockGlobe xingkongcaijing、Korea M&A Center (Korea)、Gametoc(Korea)  as co-organizer and chairman of the “global blockchain summit dialogue”, to deep dive from multiple perspectives such as “global industry development trend”, “global investment and fund raising“, “global branding and community building“, “global solution landing” and “global top resources connection“ to help global blockchain entrepreneurs and “+blockchain”traditional entrepreneur to “broaden global vision””Secure international investment and fund raising”“Design business model””Focus on global branding”and finally how to become the world’s top elite in the industry.

There will be a 3 in 1 super experience including “branding+ learning+ networking”. We hereby sincerely invite friends from all over the world, participate in the “global blockchain summit dialogue”, help promote blockchain technology development in the industry.

Please join our GBHB for further information and updates.