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BAS Membership: Website Terms of Use


    By submitting his/her personal data to BAS, the Member or the Membership applicant (as the case may be) consents to the BAS collecting, using and/or disclosing his/her personal data in accordance with the BAS’s Privacy Policy.

    7.1 We are the owner (or the licensee, where applicable) of the following proprietary and intellectual property rights on the Site: information, data, texts, graphics, visual interfaces, artworks, photographs, icons, sound recordings, videos, look and feel, software programmes, computer code, downloadable files, software applications, interactive features, tools, services, the Blockchain Association Singapore trademark or logo (as displayed below), trade names related to or associated with “Blockchain Association Singapore”, or any other content made available on or through the Site.

    7.2 We grant you, subject to these Terms, a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable, personal, terminable and limited license to access and use the Site for your own personal and non-commercial use. This license is revocable or able to be terminated by us, at any time without notice to you or liability to us. All rights not expressly granted to you are reserved by us.

    7.3 Without our prior written permission, you agree not to display or use  any name, trade name or trademark of the “BAS” for advertising, publicity, promotional or any other purposes. 

    7.4 I agree that any name, trade name or trademark of the “BAS” possesses a special, unique and extraordinary character which makes it difficult to assess the monetary damages arising from their unauthorized use. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, I recognize that irreparable injury would be caused by the unauthorized use of any of the BAS Trademarks and agree that the following remedies would be appropriate in the event of any unauthorized use, and that these remedies would not be exclusive of other legal remedies: 

    (i) injunctive relief, 

    (ii) damages which includes and shall not be limited to any harm caused to BAS’ reputation or goodwill, and/or;

    (iii) an account of profits which includes and shall not be limited to any reputational goodwill earned as a result of the unauthorized use.   

    Proposed web-notification/pop-up window:

    Welcome to Blockchain Association Singapore. 

    Please be advised that the Blockchain Association Singapore trademark or logo (as illustrated below) and any trade name related to or associated with “Blockchain Association Singapore” displayed on this website (collectively referred to as “Marks”), are the property of BAS. 

    The use, reproduction, or alteration of these Marks for any purpose (including but not limited to advertising, promotional, commercial or non-commercial activities), without our prior consent is strictly prohibited. 

    We reserve the right to pursue any legal action against any unauthorized use of our Marks.