The following are themed events lined up for the various sub-committees in 2023:

May - ESG Best Practices Symposium:
Discover how blockchain is enabling sustainable and responsible operations in the industry. Join the ESG subcommittee for a symposium that highlights best practices and standards, features industry-specific research and analysis, and showcases how blockchain can create value for stakeholders while ensuring positive ESG outcomes.

June - Digital Assets Trading Masterclass:
Learn the latest best practices for digital assets trading and governance, and get insights into how to maximize your returns. Join the Digital Assets: Exchanges & Tokens Subcommittee and learn from industry experts and pioneers in the space.

July - Regulatory and Compliance Forum:
Stay ahead of the curve on regulatory and compliance issues related to blockchain and digital assets. Join the Regulatory and Compliance Framework Subcommittee for an interactive forum that brings together regulators, policymakers, and industry leaders to discuss the latest developments and challenges.

August - Blockchain Innovations Showcase:
Discover how blockchain is transforming industries and enabling new business models. Join the Enterprise Blockchain Subcommittee and see live demos of cutting-edge solutions that are driving innovation and changing the game.

September - Blockchain for Social Impact Conference:
Explore the potential of blockchain to drive positive social outcomes and create a better world. Join the Blockchain for Good Subcommittee and engage with global development experts, social entrepreneurs, and innovators who are using blockchain to tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges.

October - Central Bank Digital Currency Summit:
Get insights into the latest developments and trends in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Join the Central Bank and Digital Currency Subcommittee for a summit that brings together central bankers, policymakers, and industry leaders to explore the benefits, risks, and regulatory frameworks for CBDCs.

November - Blockchain and Supply Chain Summit:
Discover how blockchain is revolutionizing supply chain management and creating new opportunities for businesses. Join the Enterprise Blockchain Subcommittee and explore how blockchain is enabling end-to-end traceability, transparency, and efficiency in supply chain operations.

December - NFTs and Digital Art Exhibition:
Dive into the world of NFTs and digital art and explore how blockchain is transforming the art market. Join the Digital Assets: Exchanges & Tokens Subcommittee for an exhibition that showcases the latest trends and innovations in digital art and NFTs, and features talks by leading artists and collectors in the space.