Fintonia secures CMS license upgrade, with mainstream adoption of digital assets driving greater demand for partnerships from traditional and crypto-native institutions

Fintonia Group (Fintonia), a licensed financial institution focusing on digital assets and crypto, has successfully upgraded to a Capital Markets Services (CMS) license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). This further reinforces Fintonia’s position as a trusted and licensed player in the industry.

Fintonia has also formed partnerships with other traditional financial institutions and crypto native companies who recognise that licensed and regulated players are critical to capture industry growth opportunities. This will enable Fintonia to continue expanding and providing innovative investment solutions and products to its clients, particularly given the anticipated Bitcoin halving in 2024.

“We are excited about this license upgrade and the opportunity to collaborate with partners who share our belief that licensed and regulated institutions will drive the next phase of growth in the digital assets and crypto industry” said Adrian Chng, Founder of Fintonia Group. “At Fintonia, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of security and trust in their investments, through our extensive range of services including fund productstreasury management solutions, and wealth management.”

Fintonia’s unique position as a licensed fund manager in the digital assets and crypto space sets it apart from other players in the industry, particularly unlicensed and unregulated players who may not have the same level of oversight and protection for their clients. As a licensed institution, Fintonia operates in a transparent and compliant manner according to stringent regulatory requirements including investor protections, and must have the adequate level of experience and qualifications. This helps ensure the safety and security of its clients’ assets, protects clients’ interests, and prevents fraud.

The CMS license is part of Fintonia’s expansion plan, which includes its two institutional-grade Bitcoin funds launched in late 2021 for professional investors looking for a direct secure exposure to Bitcoin in a regulated environment. Attaining the full Dubai VARA license is also a critical part of Fintonia’s growth plan.

About Fintonia Group

Fintonia Group is a Singapore-based, MAS and Dubai VARA licensed financial services firm that specialises in digital assets, offering investment solutions and services to its clients. Fintonia has been actively involved in the growth and development of the FinTech industry in Asia and now specifically focused on digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

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