Chairperson Message for 2023

I am delighted to speak to you all as we begin the new year and start another chapter in the journey of the Blockchain Association. First of all I would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our members and leadership team, especially Hock Lai for bringing BAS through the tough few years of COVID 19.

As we move forward into 2023, I will be humbling taking over the reins as Chairman of BAS. It is my wish to invite the founders and senior management of our members; as well as the Chairmen and members of the various sub-Committees who have volunteered to lead all the different sub-committees; to a simple New Year Kickoff dinner on 16th Jan at 80RR. My team will follow up with the registration details. I look forward to meeting each of you there to thank you as well as to seek your support for BAS going forward.

In 2023, following the FTX episode, I feel the community needs to get back to our roots. Hence, BAS in 2023 will focus on the 3 Es of (1) “Empower” our members by upgrading their professionalism (2) “Elevate” by helping to bridge new business partnerships between members and the world and (3) “Educate” – spread the gospel of blockchain to the masses. We will share more details of our BAS workplan at the Dinner

As we look ahead to the opportunities and challenges of the year ahead, I am confident that, together, we will continue to drive innovation and progress in the field of blockchain and digital assets. Let us use this new year as an opportunity to come together, collaborate, and work towards our shared goals and vision.