Singapore Fintech Festival 2023

Official Launch of the APRTP (Asia Pacific Real World Assets Tokenisation Platform)

Exclusive Thought Leadership Networking Reception, together with Drew & Napier and Marsh

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Transparency gives confidence to the stakeholders about the safety of the nascent ecosystem. SBA develops our code of practice to enhance transparency in the ecosystem.


Blockchain talent and literacy are important building blocks for a strong blockchain ecosystem. SBA works with various polytechnics and universities to provide industry relevant trainings.


Blockchain technology and business models are still rapidly evolving. SBA works with the industry to provide guides for enterprises to adopt blockchain solutions.


 “Emerging technologies bring about both transformation and disruption, yet provide opportunities for organisations to identify skills needed and new areas for growth to gain a competitive edge. Technologies such as blockchain, will bring about change and transformation in many of the things we currently do.  In light of this, workers need to stay nimble and resilient in adapting with the changes to remain relevant. BFSU and the LM as a whole, are on the constant lookout for ways to initiate and facilitate efforts in helping workers ride the wave of change and leverage on the new opportunities created. ”

Patrick Tay, Assistant Secretary-General, NTUC